March 28, 2011

The Reason for This Post is ESTP, I Think

So often I feel like I have absolutely nothing to blog about. Yet the minute someone walks into the same room with me, I'm all "Hey, you look like you need to hear my opinion on something." Why, I wondered, is there such disparity?

Then I remembered that over the last 25 years, I've consistently tested out in Myers-Briggs as an ESTP, a class of personalities that make up only 4-10% of the population, including Ernest Hemingway, JFK, Madonna, and Doris Day. I figured maybe revisiting how my personality works might give me ideas for getting past my bloggy constipation. So let's see, being an ESTP means I'm:

E = Extroverted (vs Introverted)
ESTPs are hands-on learners who often feel motivated by their interaction with people and enjoy a wide circle of acquaintances. They gain energy in social situations.

Truer words were never spoken (except for that time I called my ex a jerk-off). I practically bounce off the walls when I know I'm about to see friends. If I had a tail, it would wag all the time. I admit to having fetched in the past for no more than a buttery nipple shot.
S = Sensing (vs Intuition)
ESTPs tend to be more concrete than abstract and focus their attention on the details rather than the big picture.
Whatevs. I'm a problem solver. I prefer to have facts before diving into a big project, which apparently includes teeny-weeny blog posts. True this:  if I don't know where I'll end up, I rarely devote energy to it. That makes me sound lazy, but (yawn, stretch) I'm totally not. Where is that remote?
T = Thinking (vs Feeling)
ESTPs tend to rely on objective criteria. When making decisions, ESTPs generally give more weight to logic, and they seem to enjoy arguments.
Just call me Spock. I'm good with cause-effect or if-then arguments and universal rules or truths. Raise your hand if you think the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one? I'm also particularly good with the concepts of attraction and gravity, especially when it concerns two people with saggy stuff. And that last descriptor about arguments? Totally open for debate.
P = Perceiving (vs Judging)
ESTPs tend to withhold judgment and delay important decisions, preferring to "keep their options open" should circumstances change.
Heh, sounds like my dating philosophy. I do like spontaneity, and I admit to a degree of fickleness. But I'm just being flexible (that's what HE said) and open to opportunities. Of course, this means I'm subject to working under pressure to meet deadlines. Like blog posts, if I had any deadlines, which I don't.
So basically, I'm a fickle, tail-wagging opportunist named Spock. But, again, that's open for debate, and I'm not sure this revisiting has helped. Whaddaya think?

Have you taken the Myers Briggs Type Indicator test? What's your personality type?

March 21, 2011

Men, Friends, and Gods of the Arena

Important reminders for Fragrant Liar this week:

  1. Just because a guy says he wants to see you again doesn't mean he really does. He may have good intentions, but here's what I know: if a guy is really interested, he'll do what it takes to make it happen. He will not wait. Esta mujer no espera a nadie.
  2. Each tweet sent out to the universe is like a hand-scribbled note that says, "Will you be my friend? Check yes or no." I never wanted to go back to the school yard, yet that's what Twitter often feels like. Por favor, decir que sí.
  3. Some of your best friends are the very ones you haven't heard from in awhile but who will surprise you and show up when you need them most; and it will be like no time has passed. Love for my good friends, dormant and present, springs eternal. Bienvenido de nuevo, amigas.
  4. When you give someone the benefit of the doubt and go the extra mile to make them feel welcomed in your circle, yet you repeatedly get the stink eye, it's time to raise anchor. Some people carry chips on their shoulders, regardless of what you do. For me, once that ship has sailed, it never returns to port. Adios para siempre, muchacho.
  5. Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (Starz) is my decadent new guilty pleasure. Without. Reservation. High tension. Slow-mo battles. Complex relationships. Explicit everything. As exciting, riveting, and titillating as TV gets. This is why Rome fell, and why I kinda wish I'd been there to partake of it. Meant to be enjoyed with good girlfriends and good wine. Men optional. Más! Más! Más!
  6. Fun, sexy music makes everything mui fabuloso! Even in these shoes.

    No le gusta caminar / No puede montar a caballo.
    Como se puede bailar? / Es un escandalo!
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March 16, 2011

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Y'all, I got super awe-fabu-wonder-credible news today! No, I didn't win an all-expense-paid 30-day vacation to the Caribbean on a pamper-the-hell-outta-me cruise that includes a scalpel-free full-body rejuvenation, complete with 50-year guarantee and an endless supply of Swedish massages with Sven the manscaped Viking, warm peanut butter crackies, and exotic, um, tingly sensation aromatherapy pleasuring oils. Oooooo, good guess though!

My peeps, I'm going to be one of 15 featured cast members on the Listen to Your Mother Show (Austin) on April 30, 2011. Waaaa-hoooo! LTYM is the brainchild of the lovely and amazing Ann Imig of Ann's Rants; and after last year's premier in Madison, Wisconsin, this year new shows are in Austin, L.A., Spokane, and Valparaiso.

You all know how timid and reserved I am, but I think I'll probably maybe perhaps be okay with the Hollywood lights shining down on me. [sigh] People may just have to escort me onto the stage. But I'm totally not letting anyone escort me off! Ahem, I mean, it should be fun.

Hope y'all can make it! I solemnly promise I won't be long-winded or gross or cussing like usual, and I solemnly promise to embarrass someone near and dear to me.

We'll be at the AT&T Conference Center in Austin. More later on tickets and such. Austin is great for a live show, but if you can't make it, they're taping it. Woot-woot! (I mean, gosh, I'm just doing my part) So you'll be able to see it online after the event.

Pretty cool, huh? Not as titillating as your excellent guess of an all-expense-paid 30-day vacation to the Caribbean on a pamper-the-hell-outta-me cruise that includes a scalpel-free full-body rejuvenation, complete with 50-year guarantee and an endless supply of Swedish massages with Sven the manscaped Viking, warm peanut butter crackies, and exotic tingly sensation aromatherapy pleasuring oils (you were totally so close!). But I'm nonetheless honored and thrilled to be part of such a cool new show and a very talented group of writers.

My humble thanks, LTYM!

March 14, 2011

Wee Wisdom #12

Miss America's Poignant Pearl of the Week

Says 7-year-old Miss America, upon visiting her first Japanese steakhouse, where the chef/cook performed amazing aerial tricks with the food he prepped in front of her:

"Wow, Mom! I didn't know eggs could do stunts!"


I'm all torn up about what's going on in Japan. I send my best, warmest wishes across the Pacific.

And many thanks to Hilary of the Smitten Image for bequeathing Miss America and I this Post of the Week award for our Wee Wisdom! We appreciate it!

March 8, 2011

Plenty of Fish in the Sea?

People, I signed up for Plenty of Fish again. I know, I am such a glutton for punishment! Why do I do this to myself? I'll tell you why. YOU! I hear it all the damn time, how people met their spouses or soul mates online. And I thought, hey, that could happen to me, right? Maybe I'll actually meet someone who won't send me running for a galaxy far, far away.

Alas, me? I'm the eternal optimist. And when I say optimist, I mean magical thinker. And when I say magical thinker, I mean ridiculously hopeful sap.

Anyway, within an hour of signing on to POF, my inbox filled up. You might think that would be a good thing, but not so much. I like to say I'm discriminating, but really I'm just picky. For a lot of these guys, there's a reason they're still single that has nothing to do with being picky.

I promise you, I'm a serious fan of men and all their uncomplicated charm. But on a dating site, you have three chances to get attention. (1) Your profile. Your self-authored sales pitch. (2) Messages. They're your calling cards, so make them count. (3) Your best, real, recent photo. The real you—hopefully, you from the front, side, back, and shirtless. Heh, totally kidding. Not. (Have you seen Spartacus on Starz? Fan me down.)

So of all the messages in my inbox and all the profiles I reviewed, only two or three really caught my eye. The others . . . Well, you tell me:

1. Mr. I Sat Out Language Arts. Go ahead, call me elitist, but when your one chance to hook me in a profile looks like this:

ladies i dont know want to email pingpong forever just sea if weget along dont drag it out cuz mytime is valable you know it lol what about coffee or a beer instead and then?
. . . and then I'm gonna have to pass.
2. Mr. Socially Awkward. Those inbox messages I mentioned? Oy. Filled—FILLED—with single-line stuff like this:
  • Hey you and me match. I hope you want to meet me. Write me back.
  • I like your profile. Your special. But you have to have things in common I know.
  • I am an acquired taste. A mix of little boy, dominate male, artist, poet, intellectual, and mechanic with a dash of essentricistism thrown in.
  • Hi pretty lady, how's your evening going? Fine I hope.
  • What am I living for, if not for you?
  • Your pretty. LOL. But seriously.
Guys, I need meat. And when I say meat, I mean conversation. And when I say conversation, I mean big people words. How about an adult exchange? That stuff above? That makes me worry you have skinned knuckles and grunt a lot. Come on, what do you really need to know about me?

3. Mr. Love Me for What's Inside. Dude. That won't be a problem, IF I see merit in your profile and IF you show your photo, which is actually #1 in the whole "Pick me!" process. This is the guy who sends you a two-line email about how pretty he thinks you are, but lets a blank blue square be your window into his soul. Why so afraid to reveal yourself? Call me shallow, but I don't buy prime rib I can't see.

4. Mr. I'm Embarrassed about How I've Let Myself Go. Ancient photos of you do NOTHING to tell me who you are now. Same goes for a photo of you taken from across the Continental Divide, where I can't tell if you're a man or a mailbox.

5. Mr. Heavy Petter. Just as useless is the heavy-handed use of your dog(s) photos. I don't care how sweet and lovable your schnauzer is, I'm not going to date him, and he can't sway me to date you.

Plenty of fish in the sea? Depends on if we're counting all the ones ya gotta throw back. (sigh) Now are you feeling my pain? Ladies? It's all your fault.

P.S.  I should mention, I'm not perfect either. I went all Chatty Cathy on a guy, which was outrageously out of character for me. Obviously.

March 3, 2011

Say HELL NO to McCruelty

I don't post these things often, but this is a cause near and dear to my heart.

It takes 20 seconds to make your voice heard on this HERE.

Thank you!