August 22, 2011

August, Best Revealed in Pics. And a modicum of, you know, prattle.

I know. It's crazy how long I've been MIA, but it's only because August has been filled with a crap ton of life. The good kind. That translates to consumption, people, if I'm honest:  food, drink, adventure, work, love, and a little bit of heartache. Some things I captured in pictures, some I didn't dare. Here's the quick recap:

I wrote and edited a book. Technically, I ghostwrote it, but people, an entire freakin' book. In four days. I might have died from lack of TV and Internet but for the cool sister-writer company, fascinating subject, and relaxing ambiance of our remote Round Top farmhouse. Plus, she paid me.

Hot sexy man interlude:  One evening, I listened to a salsa band and danced on a crowded patio with said hot sexy man. We were the only ones dancing merengue and cumbia, and I didn't care. Let a few Coronas be your inspiration, people. And perhaps animal print.

Got to be both entranced and thoroughly bewildered by 2001 A Space Odyssey. But this hot sexy man interlude was well worth it. The man both entrances and bewilders me too.

Took part in filming a lipdub at the Hemisfair in San Antonio. It was ten billion degrees out—because that is the convection oven that Central Texas has become—and I zipped around in a golf cart with a crazed woman and her megaphone while cute cameramen dashed madly about, dripping sweat. But what a fun project! When it's ready for viewing, I'll post it.

Bestie trades in her megaphone for me!
Afterward, we returned to my bestie Winter's house in Canyon Lake, slurped pinot grigio (oh, how pinot loves me), reveled in girl talk, and gazed at the stars and the moon. There may have been some howling and crooning, but I don't remember.

BTW, you can see Winter at HorseCentric. Excellent blog about all things horsey.
Our view of Canyon Lake.

Last week, took a six-hour drive to Fort Polk to see my youngest daughter and her family. Held my gorgeous grandbaby AJ—when she would let me. At three months, she only likes her mama right now. But soon enough, she will develop a taste for candy and shopping.

Here she is NOT HAVING IT.

Her father and I both walked around saying, "She hates me."

Fortunately, the other one and I have a mutual admiration thing going. Jazzy B stole my heart at the moment of her birth almost eight years ago. She is most definitely third-generation firecracker.

While in Fort Polk, went to the shooting range with Sergeant SIL and fired a couple hundred rounds of his Glock and a couple hundred rounds of his AR15. Was all over the map with the Glock, but the AR15 won my heart, especially when I kicked a volleyball down the range—with bullets. Somebody, sign me up for an action movie! At the far end of the range, 440 meters out, was an itty bitty white target, which I hit repeatedly. Iron scope, people. When the SIL brags to his buddies that your shooting is better than some guys in his unit, we can all be proud.

Had long, wonderful, meaningful talks with my little girl, who's grown into a smart woman with a big heart and some good advice for her mama. When did the shoe get on the other foot? This is when you get to feel really proud she's yours and that her family is so awesome. And that her liquor choices are actually drinkable now.

Hot sexy man interlude:  went skinny dippin'—and did not get caught. Unlike last time, when I was rudely advised of some sort of policy matters. Who gets all businessy at one in the morning? I say, a little adventure is good for the soul. (Sorry, no photo.)

I fed horses, then groomed and rode a sweet old paint named Cody, for whom I felt instant love and affection. Partly because he didn't—nay, couldn't—buck me off. Afterward, I gave him a shower. Think he liked it; he asked Bestie for my number . . .

Then I did something no one has ever asked me to do before: I swept dirt and pebbles. Only for you, Bestie!

Went to see Conan (holy mother of hunky barbarians—didn't need the witch to be spellbound) with my other bestie, roomie, general troublemaker, and Truebie partner, and with whom the subject of food porn has taken on an intriguing life of its own. Um, hold that thought for another post, while we go grocery shopping.

And? I shaved.

See? August has been busy.


Pearl said...

You HAVE been busy -- but what a great kind of busy!!


Hilary said...

You have to be about the most youthful looking grandmother of an 8 year old I've ever seen. Sounds like you're having a wonderful August. Keep on enjoying!

lisahgolden said...

It sounds like that crap ton of life is working well for you! Good times and good things. I love the photos.

Unknown said...

Need photos of sexy man who dances!

Suzy said...

I've said it once and I'll say it again. YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE ANY GRANDMOTHER I'VE EVER SEEN!

Suzy said...

Forgot to add a congrats on the book. And you got paid!! What does THAT feel like?

Captain Dumbass said...

That's quite a month.

JUST ME said...

That baby is adorable.

But I can't imagine seeing the new "Conan" remake. Not unless someone can promise me all the hot men walk around naked for 120 minutes.

The Zadge said...

What? No pictures of the hot sexy dancing man? And has anyone ever told you that you look like Lisa Hartman (remember her from the modern Bewitched?, wifey of Clint Black (I think))

Brian Miller said...

wow. august has been sizzling eh? lots of hot men and a whole lot of fun...cute grandbaby...

Anonymous said...

hot, sweaty salsa dancing is fun when bare-legged... which is probably why you had to shave. just don't do it again, ok? you're gonna set the bar WAY too high for the rest of us! Wheee!

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of your August.


watercolordaisy said...

Awesome! Sounds like fun! I'm totally jealous.

Clearly you were 8 yourself when you had your daughter. :)

Gaelyn said...

Hot August nights, and days too it sounds like. Hope September just gets better. Then in November you can stop shaving.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

Glad to hear such fun at hand. Perhaps you can fill me in, in person, sometime soon. Although that sounds a tad boring for you after reading this.

Sueann said...

Grandbaby is gorgeous!! She will come around in no time.
Boy have you been busy!! A good busy
Love all the pics

meleah rebeccah said...

* What the what? You are AMAZING to have written & edited a BOOK in FOUR days. Shit, maybe you should ghost write mine!

*Hot Sexy Man salsa dancing night must have been awesome.

*I have no idea how you deal with that Texas heat, girl!

* AJ is CRAZY cute. OMG. As is Jazzy B

* Oh man, I've been to shooting range ONCE. All I will say is that it did NOT end well for me. And I have NO BUSINESS holding a gun. I am impressed with your firearm skills.

* is Hot Sexy Man in the pool the same as HSM at salsa?

* Glad you managed to fit shaving into your schedule!

Linda Medrano said...

I've been blogging. I'd rather be busy like you were. Damn! You are looking FINE as a grandma!

injaynesworld said...

Your August sounds a helluva lot more interestinging than mine. I've been MIA, too, but from working and preparing to move. Anyhow, girlfriend... I'm glad life is treating you well.

ɹǝƃƃolquǝʞoʇ said...

Wow. Now I need a nap!

Busy Bee Suz said...

You have been really busy...and with GOOD stuff. Hey, you SHOULD write a book....oh, never mind.
I laughed out loud about the baby not liking you. (or SIL) Candy and shopping WILL be a future post I am sure.
I am intrigued about the sexy man too. Sounds like FUN.

creative kerfuffle said...

wow! first--yeah on the book! so very cool. i'm digging that farmhouse, but not in the convection oven of texas. this sexy man sounds very interesting! and? you look AMAZING!

secret agent woman said...

That all sounds good busy.

Um, you shaved just once?

Karen said...

Ummmm....shaved what, dare I ask??? :)

Unknown said...

Crap. Ton of jealousy goin' on here :)

You look hideously awesome!
And it looks like you're enjoying life, Mama

Keep up the good work
and the big bad fun.

Heidi-"Heidi in Real Life" said...

Hey--what is life if you don't do a bunch of crazy things with it? Congrats on your granddaughter and the sexy man interlude. Glad you've having fun. Oooo--you wrote a book. OMG!!