April 20, 2009

Six Magic Words

Okay, so last summer I heard about the Six-Word Memoir thing-a-ma-jig. Do you know about it? Supposedly, one or more of my memoirs will be in the next book, but I don't really know much about it yet. More on that later. Anyway, the assignment is to encompass your whole life into a single six-word memoir. I dare you to try it.

Never one to shrink from a challenge, I pondered which six words would embody the whole of my life and scribbled them down with gusto. At least I thought so. It all started with this:

Slow to bud, but awesome blossom.
Okay. That actually depicts my earlier life, but not the whole of it. So I gave it another try:
Third time's not a charm -- damn.
Says a lot about me -- but really doesn't get me all the way there. So I put my sassy, but temperamental, writer's muse to work, and she came up with:
Shhh, not now. Mama's writing smut.
Seemed to encompass my writing life perfectly, but there was a whole other side of me that wasn't tapped. Wait, I thought, I've got it!
Rebel mama, different drummer, humor me.
Cryptic? Maybe, but anyone who knows me will understand it and agree that's me to a tee. I could have stopped there, but I didn't. Oh no, because I'm . . .
Still waiting for the big adventure.
But adventure is nothing without love, right? It's what I dream of, extraordinary love. A full lifetime of it, ending with two empty rocking chairs side by side. Followed by this scene: and all the younguns doing the cooking and cleaning while Old Fart and Old Fartesse get it on down by the river on the roll-up egg crates. Ah, sweet romance:
Endless love calls, hear me now?
Old Fartesse: Louder, sugar dumplin'. You wanna take me where?
Old Fart: To the Big Island. Kamonawannalaya.
By then I realized I had accumulated many six-word memoirs, which meant I had blown the exercise! I hadn't narrowed my life down to six words and only six words. I was six times six and counting! And still the challenge stared me in the face. Being the daughter of the master improvisor, Mr. Bill, I decided to take one word from each memoir, and that should encompass my whole, freakin' life! Right? Let's see if this fits:
Awesome charm, smut humor, adventure calls.
Heh, heh. I'm digging that awesome charm part -- of course it's true. Smut humor? Uh, well, yeah. And then there's my unrequited dream of seeing the world. Yup, I've done it! I have fit myself into six words.
I am feeling a little squished.


Lori said...

I love your 6 words that you finally narrowed it down to. I think those words fit you perfectly. Now that you have the wheels turning in my brain as to what 6 words I would come up with, I am off to come up with my own!

SweetPeaSurry said...

he he he ... I loved the last one, squished!

I couldn't do it ... I don't have the brainpower!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

So the real writer comes out...6 words! I couldn't even begin to come up with six yet alone mix and match 'em!

Reinvent Dad said...

New here, really like your blog! - Those are my six words!

bernthis said...

Okay here goes:

young heart, old soul, hard combination

Midlife Roadtripper said...

I don't know. I think this one is a really good advertisement:

Awesome charm, smut humor, adventure calls.

See what the cat brings in with that one.

Jan said...

As usual, you just make me laugh.

You've also done a better job at it than I could. Of course, my entire life could be summed up in these six words:

Can't stick to any goddamn diet.

Unknown said...

Fantastic post! 6 words,says it all!

Unknown said...

Love your final six word choice and your meanderings in getting there!

However, you're so young so those six words will be changed, again and again, to sum up your life in the end.

Belle said...

Totally brilliant. Very insightful. Loved it.

Expat From Hell said...

Great stuff!

Jump in. Absorb fully. No return.


Nancy said...

^5 well done

(and I'm with you on the threes the charm ... NOT!)

foxy said...

"Rebel mama, different drummer, humor me." - hit the nail RIGHT on the head!

Justine said...

How the hell does one put their life down in 6 words? I don't think I can do it. Sure, you've proved it can be done (and multiple times), but could I? Doubt it!

Justine :o )

Roshni said...

love them all!!

Stepping said...

You amaze me! I tried but can't do it.

Debbie said...

I am from the south. We can't even say hello in six words.

Pearl said...

I'm still standing, despite the predictions.



travel girl said...

Here is my attempt:
Will travel with company or alone:)

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Wow, you're good! I'm going to have to think about this.

Unknown said...


wandering into the moment, happily.

shoot. one left. anyone need a word?

Kate said...

Always been an over achiever...

Pseudo said...

You are quite talented. There's something for you over on my blog.

Madame DeFarge said...

Excellent selection. Liked the squished one.

Misery can be funny to others.

The Jules said...

Worlds smallest giant, often plays ukulele.

That about covers it.

Unknown said...

They want us to do this at work!

Unknown said...

Still working on mine!

Also left something for you in my SECOND post today!

Midlife Mama said...

LOVE this! I may steal it!!! Not your six words; just the idea.

3rd time's NOT the charm here either. *sigh* Glad to hear there are others in the same boat. What's wrong with me??

LOVED Jan's comment: "Can't stick to any goddamned diet." ROFL

Fragrant Liar said...

Thanks, everybody, for giving it a shot. It's kind of fun -- if not crazy!

@ReinventDad: New here, really like your blog! *RD, Wow, thanks. I'll add those to my resume! Now your turn. What are your six?
@Bernthis: Young heart, old soul, hard combination. *Bern, I was married to a young heart, old soul once. It worked for him. :)
@Jan: Can't stick to any goddamn diet. *HAHAHA.
@Belle: Totally brilliant. Very insightful. Loved it. *This is a great one! ;)
@Expat from Hell: Jump in. Absorb fully. No return. *Yeah, baby, yeah!!
@Pearl: I'm still standing, despite the predictions. *Oooooh, good one!
@Travel Girl: Will travel with company or alone. *Perfect for you, my dear.
@Breathe: Wandering into the moment, happily. *Hmmm, how about Wandering happily into the moment, seriously. Heh, heh.
@Kate: Always been an over achiever. *Kate, We need one more!
@The Jules: World's smallest giant, often plays ukelele. ~Jules, I'd love to hear you play.

@Midlife Jobhunter, I like this one: See what the cat brings in... It's kind of how I do things. ;)
@Foxy, It is exactly me, isn't it?
@Danica Lynn, how are you having to do this at work?

Bagman and Butler said...

My goodness. I always get caught by blogs that include a challenge. 6 words that capture me. I will have to put it on a list of future blogs...Right now I'm trying to keep up with yesterday. That's six isn't it? Trying to keep up with yesterday.

nikkicrumpet said...

I think when you're completely awesome...like you are....you get to do more than 6...I'm thinking you merit about 6 million...so get to writing woman!

Tom Erdman said...

Late model, high miles, bad starter

I'm new to this, wished I met you sooner!

Anonymous said...

Finally got it...
Started slow, going out with BANG


Forgot past but live for future
Now that wasn't so hard!

Anonymous said...

Not so bad at all, considering.

--that's mine! Immediately came to me...